Saturday, March 24, 2012

And So It Goes....

At a funeral recently, an old friend asked me why I had abandoned my blog. I got a little defensive and told her I hadn't abandoned it, I just hadn't posted in awhile. She pointed out that she missed reading about my adventures and misadventures while trying to make life work here on the mountain and she hoped I would consider sharing it again.

I guess when you are actually living it, it doesn't seem like finding a snake in your downstairs closet or a severed boars head on your doorstep (a gift from the dogs) is all that interesting. But maybe to my lovely lady friends who live in the city and have no idea what muck boots are or how to pull the lawn tractor out of a stuck spot with a chain and a 4-wheeler, it might bring a chuckle or two.

So, I apologize to anyone who might care that I have been absent from here, and will attempt to chronicle the events as they unfold around me as best as I can.

Most of my friends know this past year has been one of transitions for me. It was hard for me to write about things I didn't fully comprehend, much less, try to explain them to others.

This past year, I have lost some people in my life, but I have also gained some new ones. The circle of life continues for me...and I am so grateful for that.