Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mary on Easter Morning

Mary is my sweet old dog that you don't see much because she has some sort of morbid fear of the camera. She used to run from the sight of it. But these days, her eyesight is failing, as well as her hearing, and running is a fond memory, saved for those special dreams that only dogs seem to have.

Mary has a proclivity for holidays. She found her way to us on a snowy Christmas day, half frozen and almost completely starved. Looking at this beautiful 100 pound dog, it is hard to imagine she once weighed 25 pounds. She had been beaten so badly by a former owner some teeth were broken off and scars, both old and new, were scattered about on her beautiful sad face and soulful brown eyes. Yet, on that Christmas Day, she used what energy she had to wag her tail as she licked the hand of the new friends who offered her a warm meal and a soft bed. We instantly knew what her name would be.

Mary adjusted to life on the mountain and the following year, on Mother's Day, gave birth to 13 puppies, all of which survived. Homes were found for them all, with Maggie and Teddy staying here to live their lives with Mary on the mountain.

Mary still enjoys her life and I am thankful she has a safe place where the only expectations placed on her are to enjoy her days with plenty of food, a nice comfortable place to sleep and several close friends, two and four-legged ones.

So, on this beautiful sunny Easter morning, it didn't surprise me in the least to find Mary, lying fully immersed in the water pan, as if to be baptising herself......cleansing herself of what went before, looking to what lies ahead. On this day of rebirth and new beginnings, even tired old deaf and blind dogs know there is something to look forward to in each new day.