Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Look for the Beauty...No Matter Where You Are

It snowed all day yesterday...A LOT! But I didn't mind. We had power (heat, water, lights) so it was a beautiful perfect day. Today the temperatures are in the high teens, low 20s, and all of that beautiful snow is now ice.

One of my favorite things to do on such days is to put on my snowsuit (the kind you had as a kid - only in a MUCH larger size!), my muck boots, two caps, my gloves, pocket a cell phone and a camera then set out on foot through the woods accompanied by one or more dogs.

I never know what I am going to find on days like these....but there is always something new and unusual. ....and the landscape is changing constantly because of the snow, ice, sun and temperature.

So, even though I am supposed to be sitting on the beach in Hawaii this very moment (a birthday trip)........
and even though my dear friend Brenda is sending me photos from the beaches of Mexico, looking beautiful and tan on her month-long holiday with a gorgeous new man........
and even though my dear sweet hubby sends me daily pictures from the likes of Los Angeles and Miami......
and even though my precious nephew, who shares a joint birthday with me, spent his half of the day on a yacht anchored off of Marina del Ray............
I feel VERY lucky.

The scenes I have here and the moments I am capturing are fleeting......most likely, they will be gone tomorrow. I will catch up with the sun later!

This was an amazing sight. The snow was sliding off of the roof of our pump house. But because of the extreme temperatures, it froze in mid-air!

Beautiful old pines, dwarfing the little park benches outside the entrance to the vineyard.

Although beautiful, there was something melancholy about this little bench, covered in snow with no one around.

The grapevines, in their dormant stage, weighted down with snow and ice. We hold our breath, hoping they can survive this unusual Arkansas winter.

The pond is frozen solid today.
Take a look around......you might be surprised what you see............I always am!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Thomas Kinkade...but my backyard

We have snow again......a lot more than before. What appears to fade off into the sunset at the back of this photo, is actually fading off into the heavy falling snow. Sunlight is nowhere to be found.