Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rainy Day on the Mountain

Click on this photo and look closely at the can see one lone raindrop as it hits the deck of the porch. Only in nature can you find something this beautiful.

These large raindrops look more like snowflakes falling in the trees. But with 50 degree temps today, a white Chrsitmas remainly only in our dreams.

My big cuddly dog is mystified by the unseasonably warm weather and the hypnotic soft rainfall.......

.....and so is my little one.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Winter's Day That Felt Like Summer

Today was the kind of day where you could actually see the rays of the sunlight, shining through the pine trees on the mountain.

Today was the sort of day where you go outside without a coat or hat or gloves and take a walk down a one lane gravel road and are in awe of the beauty.

Today was a day when you sit in a rocker on the porch and scan the blue sky, looking for a secret message in the clouds.

Today was the type of day where the plants stand a little taller, soaking up as much sunlight as possible for the gloomy days that lie ahead.

Today was a day where big ole country dogs have sleepy eyes and wander lazily in the sunlight, pretending it is the first week of June instead of two weeks before Christmas.

Today, sunlight bounced off of natural rocks and old buildings adding a beauty to them that is hard to see on dark winter days.

Today was a day when a 50-year old house stood a little prouder and stronger, as if the sunlight gave it new energy and purpose.
Sometimes.....we find that ray of sunshine we need in the least likely places.
Today was one of those places.......